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The Power Games: Parts 1-5

The Power Games: Parts 1-5

Complete Boxed Set: Club Helix

She’ll do anything to win the games.
He’ll do anything to win her.


The Power Games was my idea to promote my new hotel in Las Vegas, where guests can indulge their darkest fantasies. I never intended to be a contestant.

Then I saw her. Now all bets are off.

Enigmatic and impossibly beautiful, her feistiness intrigues me as much as her innocence. Ava’s a girl with infinite layers, and I’m determined to peel away each one until she’s bared to me.  Until she’s mine.

I want her. And I’ll do anything to possess her—body and soul.


When my best friend Emmett suggested I compete on The Power Games with him, I thought he was crazy. Until I realized the BDSM-themed reality show was the perfect opportunity to ruin my stepfather’s political career like he ruined my life.

All I have to do is pretend to be a submissive.

Then I’m paired with Roman Castile. Gorgeous as sin with a sadistic streak, he’s as intimidating as he is dangerous, yet my body is drawn to his like there’s a physical force pulling me in.

He says he can help me win…if I’m willing to give him everything.